The Surge Playable Demo Now Available For PS4, Xbox One and PC

Today developer Deck13 has made their challenging hardcore survival action-RPG The Surge available in demo form. Currently available for full purchase for the or PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, and PC, you play the demo from the games very beginning as you start your battle through CREO, a megacorporation hit by a devastating catastrophe.

The demo features hours of unlocked content, and progression will carry over to the full game when you decide to continue the fight. You’ll pick up exactly where you left off.
Before you embark on your journey of survival.

The official demo release trailer focuses on players’ reactions as they take up the challenge using The Surge’s innovative loot system and directional limb-targeting to discover the truth about CREO. Master positioning and speed, risk and reward, as you slice, loot, and survive an industrial complex overrun by malfunctioning machines and discover mysterious machinations through environmental storytelling.

Naturally, the demo includes all of the critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 Pro features such as HDR and Dynamic 4K, as well as 60FPS in 1080p mode.

For more on the The Surge, read our full written review.

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