Watch 6 Minutes of the Terminator-Class Gameplay in New Solstice Chronicles: MIA

The July 26 launch date for Solstice Chronicles: MIA on Steam is almost upon us and the team at Ironward has shared a new gameplay video, with more than 6 minutes of developer-narrated footage to give you an idea of what to expect from the Terminator class.

Solstice Chronicles is a tactical twin-stick shooter where you, a space marine, try to escape a Martian colony overrun by mutants, with the aid of your trust-and-maybe-a-bit-too-sassy drone sidekick. You’ll employ her abilities to help with defenses, buffs, attack power, and a lot more. It’s the follow-up (though not a direct sequel) to the team’s first game, The Red Solstice, which has sold more than 150k units to date. It will launch with a 10% discount, and we have a few more launch bonuses we’re trying to coordinate. The game successfully raised over $30k on Fig, and is one of the first games funded through that platform to be released.

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