Thanos Issue #8 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9.5/10
This is one epic cover. It’s very relevant to what’s currently going on in the series, and despite his vulnerability Thanos is still the featured point of the cover and why not? The series bears his name so no matter how decrepit the man may be, you still utilize him like the God he is.

Best Variant Issue:
None available. Shame on you Marvel.

What I Like:
The team Thane initially put together to take down Thanos is now turning to Thanos himself to help take down Thane. We were left with that scenario at the end of issue #7 and now we take that story further. It’s great to see Thanos join a “good guy” team but we all know this will be short term. Thanos has an idea for him to gain his powers back which leaves the team at a crossroads. Do they help Thanos gain his powers back and risk him turning on them, or let the Mad Titan continue his downhill slide and eventually die and take Thane on themselves. Knowing the latter would he next to impossible they choose the former. We knew Thanos would come back to his bad ass self somehow didn’t we? It’s how he got them back that left us guessing. Thanos’ idea to gain them back is a huge risk, but it brings characters from an earlier issue back. Characters I was flipping over when they were shown.


What I didn’t like:
Thane isn’t second guessing his decision to take on the throne, his powers or all that come with being a God. He is, however, second guessing leaving Thanos alive and not finishing the job when he had the chance. To which is to say, are you that idiotic? If anyone should know how brutal Thanos can be I would think it would be his son. On the verge of death or not, you have a chance to kill Thanos once and for all you do it.

Best Moment:
Thanos and Starfox head to the edge of the galaxy to find what Thanos is looking for to get him back to the Thanos of old. To do this they need to go through a black hole, while they do the text is written in reverse. It was a challenge and something new to try and decipher what exactly was being said in the dialog bubbles and hovered on the verge of frustration. Luckily it only lasted one page. Where Thanos and Starfox end up leads us to our ending…

Ending: 8.5/10
Remember those cosmic witches that made an appearance earlier in the series? That’s where Thanos is headed to gain back his powers.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
Just what the witches ask of Thanos in exchange for his powers is what is ahead for us. I can’t wait to see what they demand and how Thanos responds.



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