Pylon: Rogue Hacks and Slashes Its Way Onto Steam on Sept. 21

Developer QuantumSquid is bringing their roguelike action-RPG Pylon: Rogue to PC via Steam on September 21 – players will battle as one of four champions – the melee Moneydin who transforms enemies and attacks into gold, the magical, brutish Golem, the sniping Ranger, and the stealthy Assassin. Each hero has three distinct play-styles that can be augmented through abilities and special items, weapons, and armor.

Take down enemies, locate hidden treasure chests, or cash in a pile of gems at the shop for a wide assortment of bonuses and hero enhancements. Collected abilities can often be stacked or combined, resulting in a varied and dynamic character-customization system. Give enemies the “Filth Finger” for added damage, equip “Jack’s Ripper” for backstabbing bonus-damage, or confuse enemies with the “Rubber Duck” collectable. There are 40+ special items, weapons, and armor to discover that strategically shape your play.

According to QuantumSquid no two quests are ever the same, thanks to procedurally-enhanced maps, enemies, items and loot drops. With just one life to finish a quest; making it through the all of the jungle, desert, and cave areas takes skill, perseverance and a bit of luck. Achieve victory and slay the final boss, then choose another character, and play again for a totally  new experience.

Based on player feedback during Early Access on Steam, QuantumSquid has revised and expanded Pylon: Rogue’s content for the official launch to include new cave levels, an assortment of new enemies, new weapon-styles, and a final boss encounter.

Pylon: Rogue will be available for $14.99 on Steam.

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