Dreadnought Enters Open Beta on PS4 with Exclusive Ships and Modes

Interested players who want to experience Dreadnought, the class-based spaceship action game, can now do so for free as the game has officially entered into free-to-play open beta for all users on the PS4. The console-exclusive Hactar Hero Ship, a new ShareFactory theme, and two dynamic themes for the title are also available for free today through the PlayStation Store.

In addition to the maps featured in closed beta, the PS4 open beta of Dreadnought introduces two game maps new to consoles and six bonus night map variations. It includes four game types: Team Deathmatch, Team Elimination, Training, and Havoc modes. Havoc is a cooperative mode exclusive to PS4 in which three players attempt to survive as long as possible against progressively tougher waves of enemies using ships they select and upgrade over the course of each match.

Dreadnought puts players in the captain’s chair of massive capital ships and on the front lines of tactical, team-based battles across a variety of competitive, multiplayer game modes. There are more than 50 playable vessels to master, each customizable with an array of weapons, modules, coatings and decals. Five distinct ship classes, specializing in vital roles like frontline assault, long-range bombardment, strategic support and more, offer captains unique powers to exploit the enemy team’s weaknesses and claim victory.


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