Thanos Issue #9 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9/10
It’s a great cover based on first impressions alone. Not knowing exactly where Thanos is and why The Witches are looking down on him makes you want to dive into the issue instantly. Once you get to the end and see exactly where Thanos is, the cover not only makes more sense but it’s awesome factor increases.

Best Variant Issue
Jim Lee Xmen Trading Card Cover. There’s a variant issue!! And it’s terrible. Seriously Marvel? Please, for the love of Thanos, don’t search for this variant as it may make you think so much less of the Mad Titan.

What I Like
Despite his lack of powers and his slow decline into old man syndrome, Thanos never loses his ability to talk down to people. Stairing back at the three people who could restore him back his powers, most people would be humble and go about asking the three Witches in a respectful way. Yea that’s just not Thanos. He even goes as far as to threaten to rip the tongues out of their mouth if they don’t help him. Star Fox, sensing that this is no way to talk to these God like women, tries to take a different approach and speaks to them politely. What happens to him seems completely wrong and unfair. To say he should have taken the Thanos approach is putting it mildly.

What I didn’t like
That we have to wait for the next issue. It’s all good here.


Best Moment
If you remember a few issues back when Thanos was at his worst, two nameless, useless characters came across a weak and useless Thanos. They attempted to fight him and eventually lost. They did, however, gain possession of Thanos’ helmet. It’s not until now we see what they do with it. Give it to Thane. The moment where Thane places his father’s epic helmet on his own head is possibly the moment of the year in comics.

Ending: 8.5/10
The Witches tell Thanos exactly what he needs to do in order to gain his powers back. Not one to back down from a challenge, Thanos accepts and heads into the depths of what is known as God’s Quarry. Which is where we get our cover. If Thanos succeeds in what challenge lies ahead he will regain his powers. Should he fail he will turn into stone and never be heard from again.

What I’m Looking Forward To
If Thanos succeeds! Maybe more than that, the sneak peek at the next issue’s cover shows a reinvigorated Thanos charging forward surrounded by legendary heroes like Spider-Man, Vision and Sam Wilson: Captain America. Has Thanos been able to group together these heroes to fight this fight with him??



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