Secret Empire #7 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 8.5/10
This is a very solid cover. It’s relevant to the story and not overdone with characters that aren’t the main center of where we are with the story as it stands. With the exception of an opening sequence involving Captain Marvel, this issue centers around Black Widow, Captain America and Spider-Man. Which is exactly what we get.

Best Variant Issue
Andrea Sorrentino Hydra Hero Issue. None really jump out of me, but Marvel had done a good job with the “Hydra Hero” variants for each issue. The best so far has been the Hulk issue, but this one comes a close second. Black Panther perched up high and in a fighting pose with a Hydra shield on his chest.

What I Like
I like this issue as it focuses on a theme we have known about for well over a year now. Spider-Man is supposed to kill Captain America. We didn’t know then it was a Hydra Captain America and now that we do, our point of view on if Spider-Man should do the deed has changed. Black Widow knows what she wants and that’s to put a bullet in Caps noggin.

It was also good to see the Punisher again. Since his big reveal he’s been awfully quiet. A nice battle scene between him and Widow was entertaining and insightful.

What I didn’t like
Widow wants nothing more than to kill Rogers but it’s Rogers who gets the best of Widow when he in fact kills her. Staff writer Mark Turcotte sent me texts oozing with excitement for me to read this issue for something major that happened. After I finished my assumption was the reveal at the end. He agreed that was a highlight but was more focused on Widow being killed. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t take a gasp of air when a Marvel character dies. It’s only a matter of issues before they magically rise from the ashes.


The first scene in the issue is also something Marvel needs to curb. They seem to like having a living character standing beside a dead or incapacitated character while the alive character mouth vomits all the things they would have done differently if dead character were alive. We saw it with Iron Man standing over Captain America after Civil War I, Captain America standing over Iron Man after Civil War II and now we see it with Captain Marvel beside Anvil. With everyone dying don’t you think they would get a clue and mend their fences before it’s too late?

Best Moment
Seeing what was foretold by Ulysses during Civil War II almost come to be was a highlight. Spider-Man has Captain America in his clutches and is seconds away from doing the deed. We can even see the spike on which the final blow will come, but does it happen?

Ending: 7.5/10
We knew the “other” Captain America couldn’t stay out of the battle forever could he??

What I’m Looking Forward To
With the reveal at the end of the issue it will be interesting to see just how much Sam Wilson can help turn the tide. It seems like an awful massive hill to climb. The only hope seems to be hidden in the shards of the cube Kobik.



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