The Solus Project Arrives on PS4 and PlayStation VR on September 18

The exploration adventure title, The Solus Project which has been available on Xbox One for quite some time, is set to embark on a brand-new expedition with its September 18th launch on the PS4 and PlayStation VR. Luckily our European gaming buds can pre-order The Solus Project now for only $19.99. Of course when the game launches it also cost $19.99.

Fill a special void in your life with The Solus Project that has players embark on a monumental journey to find mankind’s last hope for survival. When disaster strikes, you’re left alone, spacewrecked, and without any form of outside communication on an unknown planet. Stranded on a distant world far from home, The Solus Project challenges you to survive harsh and volatile environments while seeking the hidden answer on how to save the human race. With no outside help, players begin their struggle to survive an alien climate and with each discovery, come far darker secrets from the unknown.

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