Tripwire Interactive to Feature New Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Content at PAX West

Tripwire Interactive, the talented team which brought us the crazy fun Killing Floor 2, is returning to PAX West on Saturday, September 2, with an exclusive panel on their tactical first-person-shooter Rising Storm 2: Vietnam. Key members of the Tripwire team will be on hand to introduce brand new content – including new maps and new weapons – coming to the game.  Tripwire recently announced 3 new map variants: SU-HueCity, TE-AnLaoValley and TE-SongBe. These map variants not only bring the existing maps to the other game modes they offer new gameplay experiences and new lighting/time of day.

In addition to talking about the upcoming new content they will be take questions from the audience and giving more details about the exciting new Rising Storm 2: Vietnam $40,000 Vietnam Modding Contest.

The PAX festivities don’t end there though. Tripwire Interactive will be hosting a special 64-player “Play Rising Storm 2: Vietnam with the Devs” LAN Event, taking place Sunday, September 3, from Noon to 2:00PM PDT. More details about that event will be shared at the following link:

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