ReCore: Definitive Edition Announced at Gamescom, Launching August 29

So, after rumors and speculation on the matter of ReCore and the possibility of the game receiving a definitive edition, Microsoft has officially made it known that a remastered version of the game will in fact be launching August 29. Microsoft made the announcement during their keynote event at Gamescom 2017.

The ReCore: Definitive Edition will be a remastered version of the original game supporting 4K visuals and HDR. Featuring an all-new quest, entitled “Eye of Obsidian,” there also be an all-new robot and some new customization options as well. ReCore: Definitive Edition will also be available to Xbox Game Pass subscribers for the month of September.

Recently, our very own Derrick Smith discussed the potential possibility of the ReCore: Definitive Edition prior to the official announcement and also made reference to the idea of this newer and improved version of game offering a better optimized experience over the original game. As Derrick expressed, ReCore, while it was a solid adventure with some entertaining gameplay elements, punishing load times were the bane of the overall fun experience.

Hopefully, with the definitive edition, new and former players will be able to experience the game as it as initially intended.

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