ReCore ‘Definitive Edition’ Now Available For New and Current Owners

Wasting no time to get the ‘Definitive Edition’ of ReCore in our hands, Microsoft has made the game available on Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Game Pass, today. This Definitive Edition adds enhanced visuals (increased resolution and HDR support), a brand-new adventure, “Eye of Obsidian”, new weapon modes for Joule, new gear for all Corebots, more enemy types, the long-awaited T8-NK Corebot (“Tank”) and many other gameplay and performance enhancements.

The dev team on ReCore has stated that they have listened closely to ReCore players about how to improve and expand a game, so our fingers are crossed in hopes of this new ReCore Definitive Edition showcasing a huge improvement with the games exhausting load screens times.

New players can get the entire package as either part of Xbox Game Pass or for $19.99 from the Microsoft Store or their favorite retailer.

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