Captain Phasma Issue #1 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 7.5/10
I like this cover, but I’m not blown away by it. There’s still many references to The Force Awakens behind Phasma as she faces the reader, but they aren’t as detailed as a Star Wars movie poster and I get the impression that’s what they were going for.

Best Variant Issue: Mark Brooks edition – 8.5/10.
There’s a handful of variants to choose from, but this one is easily the best. The others all went for a more kid friendly vibe which is a shame. There is one issue with Phasma making her way out of the trash compactor, we assume she was thrown into in VII, but the kid like artistry knocks it down a few pegs for me personally.

The Mark Brooks issue had Phasma and some Storm Troopers standing in the foreground with Kylo Ren’s mask and Light Saber in the background. It tells us this might be a Phasma story, but Kylo will be just as much involved, or at least we can hope.

What I Like:
The story picks up right where we were left to wonder about what exactly happened to Phasma. After she took the shield down, Han tells Finn to throw her in a trash compactor, and maybe that scene was left on the cutting room floor but we never see Phasma again in episode VII. Leave it to Marvel to pick up the storyline.


What I didn’t like:
I felt there could have been a little more substance to the issue. It’s very straightforward and most of the dialog is Phasma talking to herself. When we get an issue with many one page advertisements it makes me wish the writer could have added a few more pages and got a little deeper with the story.

Best Moment:
When Phasma gets out of the compactor she figures out someone else took down the shield long before her and that there is a traitor in the midst. She starts following this person through the woods. The same woods Kylo was fighting Finn and Rey in, and Phasma makes the comment how she can see him in the distance fighting an unknown person.

Ending: 6/10
It’s a neat ending because it comes full circle from the beginning of the issue. That is to say the first scene is also the last. But the substance is not very much of a cliff hanger. Phasma is going after someone she feels is a traitor, and her pursuit of this person is where the issue ends.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
The fact that this is taking off where Force Awakens ended and will lead up to The Last Jedi has me excited. We are not given a story about who Phasma is and where she came from (although if you are interested in that there is a full length novel coming out). We are kept in the here and now with where the Star Wars story is going and even if it’s following one character I’m OK with that.



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