Gungeon Meets Destiny – First Gameplay Trailer for Relic Hunters Legend

Brazilian indie game studio Rogue Snail has released the first official gameplay trailer for Relic Hunters Legend. The previous game in the series, Relic Hunters Zero, was a 100% free-to-play, open-sourced game on Steam that boasted an engaged community of over a million players around the world. Rogue Snail is now fully focused on expanding the Relic Hunters universe to a full commercial release.

The trailer shows a first glimpse of a much more ambitious game: a full-blown online RPG with 3D environments, larger variety of guns to collect, more space ducks to shoot, and an immersive, in-depth story to boot. It’s like Destiny mixed with Enter the Gungeon, sort of.

Along with revealing the gameplay trailer, Rogue Snail is also releasing a three-part webcomic series, with each part being revealed each subsequent week, until the launch of the game’s Kickstarter campaign on October 5, 2017. Rogue Snail is anticipating a closed PC Beta for 2018, with full PC and console releases tentatively scheduled for 2019.

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