Thanos Issue #10 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 10/10
Thanos leading a charge into battle with Avenger superheroes by his side!?! What’s not to love!

Best Variant Issue: 5/10
Hey, at least we get a variant, even if it’s less than stellar. Why we need a Marvel vs Capcom cover featuring Thanos is a little confusing.

What I Like:
So the way we were left after issue #9 coupled with the great cover of this issue, I’d be unhappy if we didn’t get some classic Marvel heroes included in the issue. We were not disappointed, but it is not what you think. At the end of issue #9 Thanos took the challenge of the Witches in order to get his power back. We find out in this issue that the challenge is Thanos in an alternate universe in which he is a good guy leading the Avengers. Thanos is unaware at the start that this is not reality and to see him as the boss of the good guys is quite the sight. It is not long before Thanos figures out something with this world is not quite right. More on that later.


What I didn’t like:
It was fun to see almost a “softer” side of Thanos in the alternate world, and we get a good enough dose of his interactions with characters like Spiderman and Sam Wilson, but by the time it is over we are less than half way through the issue. It made me want more of this other world. Why not dedicate an entire issue to Thanos being the good guy only for him to snap out of it at the end. We have had years and years of knowing Thanos as the villain of all villains, so to prolong him as the good guy for a bit longer would have been a great read. The writers could have done so much with that storyline.

Best Moment:
It is no surprise that Thanos finally realizes this world is not his reality and he is given the choice by Sam Wilson to make it his reality. He doesn’t have to go back to the real world. He could stay here and be one of the Avengers and use his powers for good. You don’t think for a second Thanos takes him up on that offer, do you? Instead Thanos turns Wilson’s head into hamburger meat with a crushing blow between his hands. No, the real Sam Wilson isn’t dead but to see him not even put up a fight to the Mad Titan as he gains his powers back was incredible.

Thanos comes out of the alternate world with his powers fully restored having passed the test of the Witches. No more dying Thanos. Bad news for Thane.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
The full fledged battle of Titans is about to go down, and this time it’s a fair fight.

Variant Cover


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