Xbox Head Phil Spencer Promoted to Microsofts Senior Leadership Team

In an effort to quickly advance their video game business throughout Microsoft, head of Xbox operations Phil Spencer has been promoted to the companies senior leadership team. While this is certainly a clear sign that Microsoft is taking their approach to gaming quite serious, what exactly does this maneuver mean?

With the new title of Executive Vice Preisdent, in his current day-to-day Phil Spencer is expected to continue leading and overseeing Xbox related gaming projects, in addition to being accountable for the complete Microsoft gaming business across all devices. Spencer will now be reporting directly to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

As pointed out by Geekwire, CEO Nadella back in June made it very clear what the five core consumer solutions are as top priority:

  • The Modern Workplace
  • Business Applications
  • Applications and Infrastructure
  • Data and AI
  • Gaming

While specific details of this promotion in relations to newer games or the addition of more first party support has not been addressed, this maneuver is quite exciting for the Xbox business, as yet another example of Microsoft’s commitment to their gaming division.

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