A New Classic Mode Arrives for White Noise 2 on PC and Xbox One

We have been updated that White Noise 2 has just received a new Classic Mode, featuring the simple yet thrilling gameplay of its predecessor White Noise Online.

With this update, codenamed Merciless Fate, the game features a new mode that will increase even further the need for cooperation and the feeling of helplessness of investigators. No compass or other skills will be available, so communication is key to avoid getting separated and facing a sure death at the hands of the creature.

The creature will also have a harder time tracking and hunting the investigators, as its powers have been stripped away too! It will have to rely on following investigators’ tracks and placing detection idols to pinpoint their location before they manage to find the clues located on the different locations featured in the game.

The update is available now on Steam, and will be delivered to Xbox One the following week.

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