Hand of Fate 2 Launching for Xbox One X with 4K Support, This November

Hand of Fate 2, the follow-up to 2015’s impressive action RPG, launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on Nov. 7, 2017. However, we have been updated that the game will also release day-and-date with the Xbox One X, offering full 4K support for Microsoft’s flagship hardware.

Alongside the release date, Defiant Development unveils the title’s fourth and final companion, Ariadne of Stiegal. Companions, a new addition to the Hand of Fate franchise, offer support in battle, exclusive perks in the meta board game, dialogue options, and have their own storylines. In combat, Ariadne acts as a melee tank character with armor break abilities, while in the board game she can duplicate cards in games of chance to improve the player’s odds dramatically.

Hand of Fate 2 once again challenges players to overcome trials built from collectible cards, handed out by the Dealer. Each card will test players with hack-and-slash combat, dangerous locales to explore, tense minigames, or Dungeons & Dragons-style decisions. A new map-based overworld allows players to discover and unlock those challenges in entirely new ways.

The sequel also introduces a variety of new features, including weapon types and associated fighting styles, cards that can provide a powerful boost, different victory conditions for combat and the dealer’s card game, as well as all-new bosses, enemy types, and storylines.

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