Psychological Horror Game ‘Inmates’ Launches Today For Steam

Talented developer Davit Andreasyan has finally released his psychological horror game Inmates on Steam and all major digital retailers, for $9.99. To mark the game’s release, there will be a 10% discount for the week of launch.

In Inmates, players take on the role of a young man named Jonathan who has seemingly awoken from a nightmare, yet the challenging question is did the dream really end? You are in a run-down prison cell and have no clue how you got there. You’re terrified and confused, but you also feel something else: a painful sense of familiarity.

Convinced that this is all jut a bad dream, unfortunately the voice coming from an old radio has complicated Jonathan’s somewhat piece of mind.

It’s an absolute honor to be releasing my first game with the help of Iceberg Interactive”,  says Davit Andreasyan, the developer behind Inmates. “I want to challenge, thrill and shock players. I’ve always had a love for games with a complex story and even more complex puzzles, which is exactly what I set out to create with Inmates”, continues Andreasyan. “I’ve spent more than two years of my life working on the game, and the end result is more than worth the time I invested. I hope players will feel the same.”

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