White Noise 2 Coming To PS4 on October 13

White Noise 2, the assymmetric 4vs1 horror game, will in fact be be releasing on PS4 on October 13th. Currently available on Xbox One and PC, the game features true cooperative gameplay in a horror setting, where a group of investigators needs to find clues and solve a mystery while the creature lurks in the dark and hunts unaware investigators using its powers.

Cooperation is key, as a lone investigator is an easy prey for the creature, and it will be easier to explore the area if the group sticks together. Easier said than done though, since the dark environment and labyrinthine scenarios will put investigators’ orientation senses to the test, and getting lost means death!

The creature will need to find the investigators, following their trails and setting traps to lure them in, while avoiding being spotted as its weakness to light makes it vulnerable once spotted. The game features all new improvements and content that the Steam version, already available, has been getting over the past months, with 55 updates since its Early Access release.

Currently the game features 8 playable areas, over 15 investigators with different perks and playing style, and 4 creatures with different playstyles and powers. 2 pieces of DLC will also be available on release, featuring the Supporters Pack (A new flashlight plus a new Idol for the creature) and Astaroth, the Duke of Hell (a playable creature with new powers). Both will be priced at $1.99 each.

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