Thanos Issue #11 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 8/10
We get what we were expecting. The inevitable face off between Thanos and Thane is here! The cover does a great job in classic comic book form when two foes are about to throw down. I love the added feature of the Phoenix Force behind Thane as he marches into what one has to think is certain death.

Best Variant Issue: 4/10
Will Robson Issue. In my ongoing disdain for what Marvel has done in terms of variants in this series, comes a new low. Yet another ‘Venomized’ edition Marvel continues to push, but this one is more of a head scratcher than any I’ve seen. Venom and Thanos….kissing?? The art is well done which is why it gets 4 points, but the act is confusing.

3986431.jpeg.square-true_maxheight-285_size-285What I Like:
The issue starts in an almost ‘tongue in cheek’ fashion, asking the question, “now, where did we leave off”, before answering it by just letting the action happen. I love this. So many times when a previous issues ends and we know a battle is on the cusp of exploding, the issue that follows for some reason needs to build the drama back up again before letting the characters settle their score. This just lets the battle ensue from page 1, and it didn’t stop for the next 20 pages. We got what we signed up for.

What I didn’t like:
With all the action and focus on Thanos and Thane, we seemed to have lost a lot of other characters that were along for the ride when Thane was putting his team together. Where did they all go?? Sure the main plot is Thanos and Thane, but I would have enjoyed side stories about the ones Thane betrayed.

Best Moment:
You almost have to take this issue as one big moment. It’s one massive battle between father and son with Tryco and Nebula there to watch first hand before they realize they should be far away from this battle and attempt to flee the planet.

Ending: 8/10
As Tryco and Nebula escape the planet, Thanos and Thane take their battle off the planet as well and into space. After some impressive display of interstellar fighting, the fight ends up going back down the black hole Thanos went through to get to the Witches, which is where we have ultimately ended up, yet again. Thanos is back before the Witches but this time with Thane.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
What impact will the Witches have on the conclusion of the fight? Will either Thanos or Thane survive the wrath of the Witches? Who will survive this epic battle at all?!? It all concludes in the final issue of this stellar series.


Overall Ranking: 8.5/10

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