Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis – Release Date and New Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Today during Sony’s PlayStation conference at Paris Week Square Enix announced the release date of FINAL FANTASY XV: EPISODE IGNIS, the new DLC episode where players can experience a brand-new storyline from the perspective of the ever-dependable team member and chef. With FINAL FANTASY XV players will be able to enjoy this latest DLC episode beginning on December 13th.

The new story trailer which released today contains a first detailed look at the action and story surprises that EPISODE IGNIS will offer, but also reveals the next guest composer to work within the FINAL FANTASY XV Universe. The legendary Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Xenogears), has composed and recorded three new songs with the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra for EPISODE IGNIS.


A brand-new storyline, unbeknownst to Noctis as he remains unconscious after the Trial of Leviathan. Ignis faces his own fight on the streets of Altissia, driven by his unwavering dedication to protect Noctis at all costs.

Fast-paced action and battles – Ignis’ spelldaggers can be imbued with elemental properties, and his unique ability “Total Clarity” allows him to target and attack multiple enemies at once.

A new Comrade – following the guest appearances of Cor in EPISODE GLADIOLUS and Aranea in EPISODE PROMPTO, Ravus will join forces with Ignis, putting allegiances aside in order to save the ones they care about.

Master Your Fate – EPISODE IGNIS features multiple endings, allowing players to see a different outcome of events.

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