Thanos Issue #12 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9/10
As if there was any doubt to where this battle would end, we are tipped off that it will obviously go the way of Thanos with the image on the cover. Why would we think otherwise when the big paw of Thanos has Thane’s Phoenix Force in his palm ready to crush it.

Best Variant Issue:
With this being the final issue in the series you would think I’d have a handful of variants to choose from and sit here raving about how sick of a variant the best one would be. Why on earth would you think that when Marvel has cheated this incredible series out of variant issues fans of Thanos would have clamored for. For the grand finale we don’t get a single variant. Not one. Inexcusable Marvel.

What I Like:
This is the end. The entire series has boiled down to a battle between a family of power, and while issue #11 may have been the issue that put that battle on display, there is still plenty to tidy up in the finale. While we may have gotten an ending we all expected, it was the journey that got us here that was so exhilarating. We have never seen Thanos so vulnerable, ever. It got to a point we were almost rooting for him. We felt bad seeing him so down and defeated and too see him regain that power we know so well made us feel like the universe was right again.

What I didn’t like:
Because issue #11 was the central part of the big battle between Thanos and Thane, it left us feeling like the battle would continue and be just as big a part in the last issue. But that isn’t the case. The battle is pretty much nonexistent and Thanos makes quick work or Thane. I understand the reasoning is to make room for all the other parts that need to be addressed, but why not just make it a longer issue?


Best Moment:
There is so many to choose from in issue #12. So I’ll cheat and pick two moments. First is Thanos and the conclusion of the battle with Thane. Issue #11 ended with the battle being brought through the black hole and in front of the witches. Everything Thane depends on in the form of the Phoenix Force is gone when the witches easily get rid of the one thing Thane has that can defeat his father. With the Phoenix Force gone Thane is a mere mortal. Does Thanos take pity on Thane? This is Thanos we are talking about here and he throws Thane into the God Quarry. The same quarry that would have killed Thanos if he had given in to that other world he was given a glimpse of. With Thane having almost no power to overcome what he will see within the quarry, he turns to stone and will be at the mercy of the quarry forever. So Thanos has now killed his mother, father and first born. He’s back.

Immediately after Thane’s grand exit, Lady Death appears and is almost congratulatory of what Thanos has accomplished. She goes on to say she is the reason for all of this. For Thane gaining his power, for Thanos’ sickness and for him building back his powers. She did this for him to prove himself worthy of her love and they can at least be together. Thanos, however, needs no such love. He turns her away saying he no longer needs or even wants her love. For fans of the Mad Titan this is a moment one would never think could happen. Lady Death is finally ready to embrace Thanos and he wants nothing to do with her. What the witches do with Lady Death afterwards is something that makes you stand up and cheer.

Thanos returns to the quadrant he once ruled that is decimated and resembles nothing of what it once was when he was ruler. He takes his throne again as the Mad Titan and one can only imagine how he will rebuild his empire.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
This may be the end of Thanos the series, but it looks like he will have a much more prevalent presence in the upcoming Legacy series. The world just wouldn’t have been right if Thanos were not in it.


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