Captain America Issue #695 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 10/10
I could look at this cover all day and not get bored with it. This is the type of cover you find a large poster size version of, frame it and put it in your office or bedroom or man cave. Or get multiple copies and put it in all of those rooms so you can see it no matter what room you walk into. The old school style Cap and that lettering above him make me get goosebumps all over.

Best Variant Issue: 10/10
Adi Granov Issue. If the standard cover is a classic throwback, then the Granov is a modern take on a classic throwback. Seriously, is there a better 1-2 punch of standard issue / variant released this year? We haven’t seen Cap waving the American flag in what seems like ages that’s to the events of Secret Empire. So this is a breath of fresh air.

What I Like:
At the conclusion of Secret Empire everyone was wondering just what the next step would be for Captain America. He alienated so many people with his running of Hydra that getting back in the good graces of the public will be no easy task. So the writers waste no time in reminding us how much of a good guy Cap has been and will always be.

One of the last scenes in Secret Empire was Cap attempting to help a child out of rubble. The kid noticed it was Captain America and took his hand back, in fear of the man. Now, we are reminded of what Steve Rogers always stood for, which was helping civilians in a time of need and we see him rescuing a family with an emphasis on him helping the children. It’s an act that doesn’t go unnoticed as 10 years after his heroic act, the town he rescued that family in has renamed itself to Captain America Nebraska and they hold an annual Captain America Celebration where people from all over the country come to share their stories on how Cap helped them one way or another. I couldn’t help but feel it’s Marvel’s way of making sure they know that we weren’t too happy ever since Steve uttered those famous ‘Hail Hydra’ words before Secret Empire.


I also like seeing Marvel continuing the numbering of issues based in where they left off before they decided to give everything an issue #1 start over. Again this seems like it’s them coming clean and telling us they never should have stopped their most popular series to begin with and they are getting back on track.

What I didn’t like:
While it’s refreshing to see the old Cap back doing what he’s always done, there’s no substance here other than Marvel giving us one big ‘we’re sorry’. The issue doesn’t leave us hanging in the balance for what’s next or set up any type of main storyline. It seems more or less a reintroduction to a hero we already know very well.

Best Moment:
Nothing stands out as one singular amazing moment, but when Rogers returns to the town 10 years later, the bad guys who he had to rescue the family from 10 years earlier have returned to finish the job. Rogers is walking around the celebration and nobody knows who he is. When the battle is about to begin he has no choice but to suit up and take them out again and in the process revealing who he really is.

Ending: 6/10
It’s a full circle ending and it’s not bad. The girl he rescued is, of course, 10 years older. And she comes up to him to thank him again for saving herself and her town. Almost too cute.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
Now that the niceties are out of the way, let’s get back to new and awesome Captain America storylines. The art in this issue was spectacular. It really captured the old school look of the comic era and I do hope they continue that. But move on from the redemption of Captain America. We know he’s a good guy at heart.



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