Batman: White Knight Issue #1 Review

Written by Marcus Ellinger

Cover rank: 7.5/10
Batman: White Knight #1 doesn’t have an overly flashy cover that jumps off the shelf. It doesn’t have Batman in an action packed pose or in an intense battle with a classic villain. However it does set the ominous tone for the dark and surprising story within its pages. While Batman White Knight #1 might get lost in the abundance of comics, it is worth turning that first page to read a story that asks how far will Batman go?

Best variant issue: 8/10
Variant cover B of Batman: White Knight is the most classic of cover options. Its shows Batman in a classic stoic pose brimming with angst and intensity. The best part of all the covers in this 8 part series is that they are done by writer and artist Sean Murphy. This allows them to all look different but retain the same feel.

What I like:
There’s no other hero that more accurately personifies the word vigilante in the DC universe. Batman is always working outside the law but still follows his own code of ethics. Batman: White Knight asks what if Batman went to far and crossed that line that defines a hero. The artwork and writing highlight each other really well in this debut issue, a clear product of Sean Murphy being in charge of both. Murphy’s gritty writing and subject matter pair nicely with his rough around the edges art style. Batman: White Knight has a nice flow and rhythm that keeps you engaged page after page through most of the comic. Batman and the Joker have always had a co-dependent relationship but what if those roles were reversed? This is the big question that Batman: White Knight asks.

Issue #1 will leave you rethinking the hero and the villain you thought you always knew. With an overwhelming number of Batman stories its nice to read a comic with such a fresh interpretation of a classic hero


What I didn’t like:
The only part of Batman: White Knight #1 I didn’t care for is a 3 page chase seen between Batman and the Joker. Its has Batman driving recklessly over roof tops while chasing a scooter riding Joker. While the chase does emphasize Batman’s disregard for anyone or anything other than his objective. It comes off cheesy and interrupts the comics flow of an otherwise well paced comic. I can’t help but feel this complaint is nitpicking an amazing comic that is a must read for any Batman fan.

Best moment:
The moment when Batman snaps in front of several onlookers is an intense moment that left me in a state of shock. I’ve seen Batman do some crazy things in my years of being a Dark Knight fan, but this is one of his darkest moments yet.

Ending: 9/10
Batman: White Knight #1 left me wanting more and questioning both a villain and a hero I thought I knew so well. The changes in Batman and the Joker are great moments that left me on the edge of my seat.

What I’m looking forward to:
I cannot wait to have my questions answered in this 8 issue run by Sean Murphy. Has Batman really gone to far? Is the Joker up to his old tricks fooling everyone, or has he been reformed into The White Knight Gotham needs? Is the Joker really the only one who can bring Batman back over the line he has crossed? What will the outcome of “Batgate” mean for Gotham? I hope the next 7 issues of Batman: White Knight can maintain the amazing standard Sean Murphy has set in issue #1. This truly is one of the most intriguing Batman stories I have read in a while.




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