Darth Vader Issue #8 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 7.5/10
A pretty sweet cover despite it being something we don’t see much in Vader, which is him meditating. Again, we have to remind ourselves that he is new to the dark side and meditation is something he did often as a Jedi. He hasn’t fully given up everything he has learned when he was one of the good guys.

Best Variant Issue:
Like the Jedi, we can’t find one.

What I Like:
The pacing of Darth Vader #8 is perfect. There has consistently been more going on in the series than just Vader going around being Vader. Last issue we found out of the Emperor’s plan to wipe out the remaining Jedi that survived Order 66. His first victim was to be Jocasta Nu, but he does not want her dead. The issue does a great job going back and forth between what Vader is up too and Jocasta as she infiltrates the Jedi Temple in search of something. Just what we don’t know yet. You really get behind Jocasta knowing how little of the Jedi are left and push for her to succeed.

What I didn’t like:
It’s difficult to find anything wrong with this issue. It’s wonderfully paced, expertly drawn and written and leaves the reader fully immersed in the story and the characters.

8naHUNABest Moment:
The droid unit Jocasta took with her to the temple stays back with her ship and eventually radios her that trouble is on the way. A security team is entering the hangar where their ship is parked. So her droid does the only thing it can and just as the security team enters the bay he blows up the ship killing not only himself but the security team. This leads to an investigation of the blast and at first it is believed to be just an accident. However when Vader arrives on the scene he feels otherwise. The person in charge of the investigation is in disagreement with Vader that it was an accident. So to prove his point, Vader lifts the blown up pieces of the ship suspended in air and almost puts them back together like a puzzle showing the lead investigator this was no accident. This is a Jedi ship and he or she is here right now. It’s moments like this where you remember the awesomeness of Lord Vader

Ending: 9/10
Jocasta has come to the Jedi Temple for something specific which she has found, she’s quietly making her exit and she just can’t stand the thought of the Master Inquisitor casually tossing her precious books around like they are worthless. So she springs into action revealing herself and ready for battle. Buckle up fans! The fun is just beginning.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
Obviously to see how this battle pans out. The Grand Inquisitor wants nothing more than to kill Jocasta, but Vader has orders to bring her to the Emperor unharmed. Which will happen first? Maybe more than the inevitable battle, what Jocasta went to the temple for in the first place is of great interest. I won’t spoil that little nugget of information, but it could be of great importance down the road, if she survives.



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