Test Drive Project CARS 2 with the Latest Demo For PS4, Xbox One and PC

With Project CARS 2 releasing just two months ago, developer Slightly Mad Studios have announced the official Project CARS 2 Demo. The demo has released today for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Project CARS 2 Demo was designed and created to allow players to get a taste of the racing action on offer in the full game.

Furthermore, the demo showcases the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro enhancements that will be rolled out in an imminent update, as well as the extensive virtual reality support in the PC version of Project CARS 2.

The three different types of cars have been precisely chosen to offer both a glimpse at the diverse motorsport disciplines available in the full game, as well as the sublime physics and handling of the in-game vehicles. The two track variations, set in a stunning landscape, highlight the visual and handling impact of the peerless weather simulation that racers will discover in Project CARS 2.

The three scenarios in the demo will test players with escalating challenges. Players will experience class-leading physics in various cars and conditions giving them a taste of what there is to be experienced in the full game. For current Project CARS 2 owners, November 21 saw the Japanese Car Pack previously only offered as a pre-order bonus, now becoming officially available for purchase across all platforms.

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