Thanos Issue #13 Review

Written by Chris Micieli

Cover Rank: 9/10
As if we need any more assurance that Thanos is the God among Gods, we see him making his way up a flight of stairs en route to take his throne. What he’s left behind at the foot of those stairs makes you look in awe. A knocked out Hulk, Captain America’s shield sticking up from the ground, Spider-Man caught in his own web also knocked out, and adamantium claws coming up from the Earth below. All in a day’s work for Thanos.

Best Variant Issue: 10/10
Rafael Albuquerque Issue. We have variants! And they are all great. It was difficult to decide between the lenticular cover and this one, but I went with the Rafael issue for the simple fact that it features the Infinity Stones. They haven’t been mentioned at any point during this series (which is fine since up to this point the story doesn’t revolve around the stones) so it’s cool to see them back in the hands of Thanos.

What I Like:
At the conclusion of the first story arc which ended in Thanos #12, Thanos has regained his powers in full and it looks like he’s wasted no time in taking back worlds just cause he feels like it. Case in point, he has just taken over the people of Chitauri because he happened to come across their world. One he forgot about. How badass are you that when you just happen to be passing by a world, you remember what it was and take it over by force for no other reason than you can? That’s Thanos.

The opening sequence of Thanos #13 is one hell of an opener. It’s a one page voiceover sequence that reminds us that throughout the Marvel Universe there are several heroes whom we would consider the mightiest of all beings. We are shown exactly who these people are. Black Bolt, Thor and Silver Surfer to name a few. However, there is one thing everyone in this vast universe can agree upon, that in the end when this world ceases to exist, Thanos would win. The easier we accept this fact the more we can understand the awesome power that is Thanos.


What I didn’t like:
While I understand this is the start of a new story arc, we are given no mention of the story before that has gotten us to this point. Which brings me to my second thing I don’t like. This is purely out of fandom and my love of issues #1-12, but Jeff Lemire is no longer writing the series. He’s become my favorite writer and having him write one of my favorite characters was a personal match made in heaven. No disrespect for Donny Cates who has taken over writing duties for the series, but Lemire wrote possibly the best series of the year. I know writers don’t stay around forever, so I’ll just have to suck it up and get on board with Cates, who is more than capable.

Best Moment:
My love of Jeff Lemire quickly was forgotten about early in the issue with that opening sequence, and it faded even more so as the pages went on. The best moment has to be when Ghost Rider, you read that right, shows up to bring Thanos somewhere. The planet Thanos is on is a frozen planet, and due to him killing almost everyone, the planets snow has turned red. As Ghost Rider arrives in spectacular fashion, he’s melting this red snow and it’s raining down upon Thanos, who’s smiling. Seeing the Mad Titan smile was chilling enough, seeing him smile while blood literally rains down on him was borderline disturbing and fantastic at the same time.

Ending: 10/10
How Ghost Rider gets Thanos to come with him is a great read, where he brings him is something I would never spoil. Rest assured this series is heading to places maybe never gone in a Thanos series. Yes, Thanos is in good hands with Cates.

What I’m Looking Forward To:
The ending leaves you hungry for what exactly is going on, as well as, where all this is going on. That may sound confusing but it will all somewhat make sense once you read the issue. We aren’t given all the answers of course but where this series is headed definitely builds the excitement, and seeing how this is an addition to the Marvel Legacy series, it could have a lot to do with how Secret Empire concluded. It’s also great to see Thanos being involved in the Legacy series as a whole. It’s a stellar start for a comic run that will only continue to reveal the ruthless ways of none other than Thanos and maybe even dabble in some other Marvel Legacy stories along the way.



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