GTFO: Amazing New Cooperative Survival Shooter Revealed

If there was one game that made a splash to our liking at the yars VGA’s, it would most certainly have to be GTFO from developer 10 Chambers Collective. This 4-player cooperative FPS had all the signs of an intense online coop shooter steeped in a survival universe with compelling environments. We were even more impressed with the footage when we discovered that the team responsible for the game is currently an 8-man team, that’s it!

Leading this project is the brains behind the PAYDAY franchise Ulf Anderson, however GTFO doesn’t seem to borrow any relative gameplay influence from the bank heist franchise. The trailer starts where the previous teaser trailer ended; in an elevator descending deep into an underground tunnel system at a furious pace. Next, we follow a team of 4 players, as they cooperatively explore the creepy complex. The voice-over and visuals allude to an apocalyptic narrative, a story they’ve brought in Adam Gascoine to write, known for his previous work on games such as The Last of Us and DOOM.

Impresively, everything in the trailer is using in-game assets, meaning its all gameplay, if you were wondering.

GTFO will be released on consoles in 2018 and can already be found on Steam.

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