PlayStation 4 Pro Price Reduced For The Holidays

Tistheseason-755x425As we draw closer to Christmas Sony has decided to temporarily shake things up by lowering the price of the PS4 Pro. Beginning on December 10th the PS4 Pro price will be reduced by $50, and this applies to all PS4 Pro bundles. So, for example while the standard 1TB PS4 Pro will now be available for $349.99, the Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Destiny 2 PS4 Pro bundles will now cost $399. This $50 price drop will last until December 16.

In addition, the PlayStation VR bundles are also discounted – Currently the Gran Turismo Sport bundle is $199. All of the impressively reduced PSVR bundles take flight beginning December 10 through December 24.

With the newly released Xbox One X by Microsoft, priced at $499 it seems Sony feels the need to take advantage of the holidays in order to maintain consumer edge on the now more technically aggressive competition. Now with over 70.6 million PS4 consoles sold through to consumers whoever doesn’t have a PS4 might be more inclined with this new price cut.

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