What Makes the Madalin Stunt Cars Game So Addictive?

Written by Katie Greene

Who doesn’t like car games? They are cool, relaxing, and nowadays, you can play them wherever you want. While it’s true that they can be quite addictive most car games also come with stunning features and great graphics to transpose the user in the racing world. Actually, the world of car games goes way back, in the times when all you could play was Pole Position – an arcade classic developed by Namco and released in 1982. As you probably know, Pole Position is one of the veterans of the car racing games of our days and it served as inspiration for many high-resolution games we take for granted today.

As proof that the industry developed exponentially since 1982, the market is filled with all sorts of games that can be played on mobile devices, desktops, browsers, and even social media platforms. But how do you select the one that will be the best for you? How do you filter the one game you’ll like out of the plethora of car games available

Well, my advice is to look for recommendations, read reviews, and test out the ones that sound good. For instance, I would like to recommend the Madalin Stunt Cars game – it is fun, challenging, and comes with lots of cool stunts. Still, you should know, the game is quite addictive so you may think twice before putting that project aside for a quick race.

But what makes the Madalin Stunt Cars game more addictive than other car games? Well, I put together some of the features that make it so great so continue reading if you want to learn more.


#1: The Loops and Hoops

Most racing car games feature tracks that come close to the real world representation. This means you’ll be driving a cool racing car on regular racing tracks, or even roads, in order to reach the finish line. But that is not the case with this video game!

Regardless of the car you drive, you will have to go through a series of loops and hoops, jump over several obstacles, and avoid various possible collisions at high speeds in order to get to the finish line. And there’s no greater feeling than when you have to drive your car upside down – the game is so well-built that you actually feel the world rotating when you’re at the top of a loop.

#2: The Cars

This is a common feature in every car game: the cars must fit the type of action. And, racing car games feature amazing cars that most of us will never have in real life! However, in most cases the list is short and you have to win your access to the most beautiful vehicles.

With the Madalin Stunt Cars game, you have the possibility to choose from over 50 gorgeous, powerful cars from the start. This means that you can drive a different car for every race you play in a day – isn’t this cool?

#3: The Driving Physics

This is a test for every car game ever developed – if the cars don’t get close to the real physics of driving, then the experience won’t be as immersive and the user won’t connect with the game. Luckily, this isn’t the case with this game as the developer made sure to implement a realistic system that makes you feel like you’re in the car, driving.

This is one of the reasons why all the stunts look and feel so good. Overall, this is one game I like to recommend to everyone looking for new and exciting experiences in the world of car racing games.

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