The New Direction For Hollowpoint Has Us Concerned

Hollowpoint is officially back on the scene since last updating you on studio Ruffian Games upcoming new 4-player cooperative tactical shooter, back in 2015. Now much has changed, Ruffian Games and publisher Paradox Interactive are no longer at the helm of Hollowpoint. The game has seen duties passed over from publisher Paradox Interactive to Yorkshire-based studio Red Kite Games, whom have now acquired the IP.

The co-op focused action epic, which takes an intuitive 2.5D view that adapts to your surroundings will be Red Kite’s first in-house IP, with the studio having made its name helping on series such as Call of Duty, God of War, and DiRT, amongst others.

While the baseline of Hollowpoint which Paradox was constructing seems to still be in tact (sort of) with the game maintaining a world built around scores of procedurally generated levels, each one tied to a formula that, in the most intense missions, culminates with a frenzied boss battle, it also seems as though developer Red Kite has abandoned the original and attractive gameplay approach and art design. Based on the previous builds of Hollowpoint, this new direction looks to be toned down and less ambitious.

Here’s a gameplay video from the previous vision for Hollowpoint:

Here’s the current direction for Hollowpoint:

This new design for Hollowpoint is certainly more colorful and vibrant than the original vision, however this does seem like a more light-hearted 2-player co-op shoot’em up, instead of the 4-player clandestine tactical engagement fest, with player recruitment, in a more stylized combative setting.

Of course, the true secret sauce is most often found in the gameplay experience, so this is not to say this new angle for the game will not deliver, however we do have our concerns. In the meantime, we’ll have more on Hollowpoint as the updates come in.

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