Turok Remastered has Been Rated For Xbox One

According to a recent update PEGI has added an age 16 or older rating for the surprising return of a Turok Remaster for Xbox One.  While this update does sound exciting, the video associated with this rating can be seen below:

Of course, we will have to see what lengths Disney plans on going with this Turok remaster for Xbox One. However, if the soon to be released PS4/PS4 Pro remaster of Shadow of The Colossus is any indicator of just how far the development of the Turok remaster could go, that is certainly something to keep your eyes peeled for. Just thinking about how far they can push this remaster for the Xbox One X makes me excited.

While Turok is not a new IP this update does add a very much needed new (sort of) game to the Xbox One list of potential exclusives, if in fact the game will only be launched for Microsoft’s platforms.

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