Sony Launching 130 More PSVR Games In 2018

While any devout PlayStation gamer can easily rattle off a list of upcoming PS4 exclusives expected to launch in 2018, it seems Sony aims to continue feeding the frenzy by aggressively adding to their list of games to the tune of 130 more games via the PlayStation VR for 2018.

In a recent interview with Nikkei, Sony explained that the 2 million PSVR peripherals sold worldwide has certainly assisted them gaining confidence in the product. With currently 150 titles available for PlayStation VR, the addition of 130 new virtual reality games significantly increases its offering by 86%. A lineup of 280 PSVR games to close out 2018 could certainly increase the peripherals adoption rate.

While no one is expecting the PSVR to eventually attract close to the PS4’s 70.6 million users, the peripheral certainly has a healthy upside of potential success to work with, with the PS4’s sizeable install base.


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