Mutant Football League Now Available on PS4 and Xbox One

Get ready to break some bones and crush some skulls, Mutant Football League has launched digitally for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One today for $19.99, MFL is the latest digital download offering from developer Digital Dreams.

Mutant Football League is loaded with blood and guts and humor that would make Dave Chappelle blush. MFL offers deep strategic 7-on 7 gameplay, and a ghoulish roster of skeletal deadheads, monstrous orcs, diabolical bruiser bots, criminal aliens and mutant humans.

Legendary voice-over actor Tim Kitzrow (NBA Jam) lends his vocal chops to pepper up the commentary with memorable lines about soft balls, shotgun hits and decapitation protocol, while Brian Schmidt (Crue Ball, Madden 93-96, Jungle Strike) provides sound design and ferocious rock-driven music tracks along with a multitude of Indie bands that perfectly marry the on-field mayhem.

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