Sony Has Shipped 76.5 Million PS4 Consoles as of December 31

Sony has officially updated their earnings report for the third quarter of fiscal year 2017, which ended Dec 31st. Apparently, Sony plans on shipping nine million PS4’s for the quarter, bringing their complete total of shipped flagship hardware to 76.5 million units worldwide.

With the Games and Network Services revenue, Sony saw a 16.2% increase mainly due to impressive software sales. Operating income increased from 50 billion yen a year ago to 85 billion yen.
Sony still forecasts 19 million PlayStation 4 consoles shipped for the fiscal year, which would bring lifetime shipments to 79 million units by March 31.

Sony Corp experienced a revenue increase of 11.5 percent to $23.65 billion, while operating income jumped 279.8 percent to $3.11 billion.

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