Flappy Shoot/Fire Out Blocks Review – Besting Your Friends Becomes an Addiction

All too often we find that the lion share of our review duties are taking up by the industry’s latest and greatest big budget, triple ‘A’ games, and of course we absolutely love it. However, it does become a refreshing change of pace when tackling a smaller bite size title and recently we discovered this opportunity with the addicting mobile game known as Flappy Shoot/Fire Out Blocks from developer King Games Studio.

Quite simple in form, Flappy Shoot places you in the role of a bouncing bird, with the objective of trying to progress forward through incoming objects in the form of various colorful shapes such as squares, circles and varied hexagons. Each object maintains a specific number, which are randomly changed with each incoming row of shapes. These numbers indicate how many times are necessary for the flying bird to shoot the specific shapes in order to fly pass, and with each row comes larger numbers requiring you to shoot them more times, becoming increasingly difficult.

Along the way, King Games has incorporated some cool power ups allowing you to enhance your trusty bird with abilities like Triple Shot, Super Speed and Damage Plus, all coming in handy to sustain your progress. Ultimately, Flappy Shoot is all about racking up as many points as possible to race your way up the competitive leaderboard. As of this writing I can say with much pride that not only have I crushed my colleagues in Flappy Shoot however, I have managed to also reach the 5th place milestone on the leaderboard with 18,504 points. Trust me, this was no small feat.

Flappy Shoot offers a strategic approach to continued success, which I found in each barrier pass. Regardless of how you decide to progress by repeatedly tapping the screen in an effort to keep your piloted bird airborne, just before it quickly descends again, maintaining a low bouncing degree of movement is a tried and true ingredient of success. Keeping you on your toes, if players accidently hit the top the play screen, run into a shape before destroying it or hits the bottom of the screen, your bird is destroyed and you must start over. Through trial and error we discovered that if the bird is aligned directly beneath a shape or above a shape and then touches the shape the bird will not be destroyed, giving the player an added maneuvering measure.

1While Flappy Shoot can be hard to put down, especially when trying to get the highest score while competing against friends and colleagues, the presentation could certainly use some added visual variety. Players can select a list of various color types for their flying friend, however that is where the customizations end. The backdrop to the game maintains black space with the destruction of the shapes adding colorful highlights to the empty void. I would have enjoyed the incentive of level climbing sporting a creative background environment as I reached each one thousand milestone. I enjoyed the music during the earlier stages, yet it does need to some variety to compliment the gameplay as the intensity picks up in the tens of thousands.

Despite the simplicity to a fault approach, I am having a blast with Flappy Shoot. As a free download in the Google and iOS Store, you might feel forced to spend the $1.99 in order to get rid of the annoying ads popping up all over the place. For you competitive types, we believe it is totally worth it.

With some added updates incorporating more customizations, Flappy Shoot/Fire Out Blocks should have you trying to climb the leaderboard non-stop. Flappy Shoot/Fire Out Blocks is easily one of our 2018 early mobile game favorites.


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