Hero Hunters Review – The Best Mobile-Based Cooperative Shooter in Years

As a fan of many cooperative-based shooters, most of my valuable time in the trenches of the latest and greatest has been either spent on a console or PC. Sure, there are some impressive shooter-types on mobile devices for certain, offering their fair share of shooter appeal, sometimes turning the heads of dedicated console and PC players. However, this critic has had a difficult time finding that one shooter which actually consumed my interests enough to keep me glued to my mobile devices for days….until now!

For the past two weeks Hero Hunters has been quite the exception, as my on the fly, go to, shooter gaming fix. If I were to put my finger on Hero Hunters main appeal, it would have to be the well balanced approach of indoctrinating players into its team based eco-system, as one synergized cohesive weapon. Hero Hunters is the best cooperative mobile shooter I have played in years.


Unlike other mobile-based shooters, which tend to inundate players with confusing and convoluted UI’s, ever ready to bath you in their sea of micro-transaction option screens, with the actual game hidden somewhere behind it all with half-baked gameplay, Hero Hunters actually places the emphasis of simplicity and cool at the forefront.

If you thought popular shooters such as Overwatch or Rainbow Six Siege offered a great selection of characters, then you’re in for treat with Hero Hunters. At the time of this writing there are over 45 distinct awesome looking characters to unlock. Each of which possessing their own play style, adding a new dynamic attribute to your overall teams engagement ability. For starters, players begin Hero Hunters with the standard soldier type known as Ryker, who comes equipped with a punishing assault rifle and the added bonus of homing missile, which once ready can be unleashed upon nearby enemies. From there new character recruits are added, such as Nightingale, Butter, Cross, Sentry and so on, all ready to showcase their unique abilities.

Hero Hunters allow players to switch between there team of heroes in real time, while unselected team members are impressively AI controlled, aiding your destructive efforts on the fly. The balanced gameplay feels especially tight, while the seamless control mechanics gives the game a unique appeal. Adding to the gameplay, Heroes can be individually leveled up adding to your overall team level.

Hero Hunters offers six gameplay modes; Campaign, consisting of various missions within six districts where your select team of up to five heroes are battle tested through various urban warzones, which become increasingly more difficult. Boosting the experience players are progressively introduced to more attractive rewards such as newer equipment, bucks ($), XP and quick win tickets. The complete experience of Hero Hunters is supported through the Campaign, so in order to unlock all the other modes players are required to reach specific Campaign levels.

From there is PvP, which pits your team of heroes against another online player as you battle it out for dominance and rewards. The matchmaking has been relatively well balanced during my PvP sessions. Within PvP there are also scheduled tournament events which are a blast!


Upon completing enough Campaign missions player will unlock Co-op Raids, which allows players online together to take on various Raids. While Raids can feel much like the Campaign, as you would assume, the major difference is the flexibility of co-op play. Players can add their selected unlocked characters to the co-op roster. This gives both players full access to the added characters for the duration of the Raids. However, once the Raid ends, players who have yet to unlock certain characters are still without that character. Characters, however can be unlocked by playing through the campaign and or by collecting fragments. Helpful in this pursuit are the handy crates, which come in Silver (Hero Fragment and Gear), Gold (Rare Hero Fragments and Gear), Hero Purple (Guaranteed 3 * Hero or Better Every Opening) and the motherload of crates, the Mega crate or sometimes identified as the Ladies Crate guaranteeing 60-300 Hero fragments. Other than the free silver crate, all other crates have a necessary gold currency requirement in order to open.

Rounding out the last three unlockable modes through specified Campaign progression are: Events, The Gauntlet and the impressive Daily Raids.


Hero Hunters also allows players to create or join what is known as an Alliance. Within an Alliance, which I highly recommend you recreate or join, there can be up to 25 teams. Each teams current power level is added to the overall Alliance total power. In order to join most Alliances there is a team level requirement of 10. Yet, today there are some Alliances with an open roster allowing anyone to join. Players in Alliances can participate in Alliance Events and invite each other to Co-op Raids.

When it comes to a team-based cooperative mobile shooter, Hero Hunters is currently at the top of my list. From the amazing list of characters and increasingly engaging combat sequences, to the butter smooth real-time control mechanics and wealth of gameplay options, developer Hothead Games has managed to put together a console-like rival shooter that is a must-play!


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