New Updates (1.1) for Hothead Games’ Hero Hunters Now Available

Hero Hunters, Hothead Games’ new team-based shooter game, has released the first big update (1.1) for the App Store and Google Play. Added to the cast of existing characters are two new heroes with their own unique weapons and special abilities.

After being selected as ‘Game of the Day’ on the App Store and a prominent #1 position in “New + Updated Games” on Google Play, Hero Hunters has seen a ton of action already.

The two new heroes are:
Hero Hutners - Yanlong

YanLong – Siege Breaker
A heavy assault hero with shield breaking abilities, cutting through the enemies frontline with ease.

HeroHunters - Scum

Scum – Assault Fumigator
Dominates the battlefield with powerful area attacks that forces enemies to constantly relocate or take massive damage.

Also in this update is a brand new district to explore, Little Tokyo.


According to Hothead Games more Heroes, regions and exciting community events are planned in the coming months. For more on Hero Hunter, read our full written review!

In Hero Hunters, players find themselves projected 50 years into the future, a decade after “Zero Day”, when a biological weapon swept the earth and the world cascaded into a violent war, leading to the collapse of civilization. Players must lead a team of heroes to defeat the villainous warlord, General Kurtz and hunt down his army of lethal “Lawgivers.” Mobile gamers are able to quickly and seamlessly switch from hero to hero in the midst of fast-paced action, allowing them to play as whichever hero they want at any time. Each hero offers their own unique skills, strengths and powerful abilities that can quickly turn the tide of battle.


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