DEAD BY DAYLIGHT : This is Only the Beginning – Year 3 Roadmap for Content

Since launch, Dead by Daylight has come a very long way. Developer Behaviour has added tons of new content. They have brought in 8 new survivors, 8 new killers, 11 new maps set in 8 new locations. In addition, they have added a bunch of features fans have been asking for like “survive with friends” modes, seasonal events, the shrine of secrets and a lot of new languages. Behaviour is constantly think of new ways to make the game better and keep you all entertained (remember when hooks never repaired?)

The studio has grown as well. Beginning with roughly 30 developers, the team is now up to about 75 creative minds finding new ways to hunt you down and hang you from a hook! Behaviour has made it known that they are committed to their fans and passionate community who have been with them for two years now. In June 2018 Behaviour began their third year of service for Dead by Daylight, and this is what they have planned!


Here is a sneak peak at their Roadmap for the next year:

Here is a short breakdown of our plan, highlighting all the new assets and quality of life changes we have coming to our own horror story:
4 new survivors
4 new killers
4 new maps
A new progression system allowing players to unlock non-licensed survivors and killers by playing actively
New paid cosmetic items that won’t impact the gameplay with most of them unlockable by playing too, whether you play a lot or more casually.
A new ranking system for a more meaningful, more inclusive and more rewarding progress.
A new deployment process to trial new features and content on PC first, using PTB, meaning we can push it to all platforms as soon as it feels ready, rather than as soon as we can.
An anti-cheat reinforcement to help make Dead by Daylight a better place for all players.
A tutorial mode to improve new players’ onboarding and allow anyone to brush up their skills before going into ranked games.
Better tools to handle toxicity
Dedicated mid-chapter patches to make sure the content is as clean as possible, to look at some of the balancing element, but also to add quality of life improvements and polish when needed

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