Developer Automaton Using CRYENGINE for Massive Scale MMO Mavericks

Crytek announced today that they have licensed their game development software CRYENGINE to developer Automaton for their upcoming MMO of unprecedented scale, Mavericks. After using CRYENGINE to develop Deceit, Automaton deepen their relationship with Crytek with an exclusive license agreement for their upcoming tactical shooter.

So what is Mavericks? Mavericks is revolutionary open-world shooter set in a huge, photo-realistic and highly dynamic environment, utilizing CRYENGINE’s high-performance rendering capabilities. Combined with low-latency network technology, the result is a high-fidelity, dynamic world with destructibility and persistence enabling players to leave their impact on the world for everyone to it.

We are happy to be showcasing what the CRYENGINE can do via the exciting work that Automaton is doing on Mavericks, and it is an excellent example of just how powerful the CRYENGINE is,” said CRYENGINE’s Product Manager, Collin Bishop.

Mavericks is due to launch in 2018 and will support 1000 concurrent players in its ultra high-fidelity world. The CRYENGINE team will collaborate with developer Automaton to support their development process, as well as to bring new features into the engine that the Automaton team have built in the process of creating Mavericks.

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