DOOM 4K Resolution Update Coming to PS4 Pro and Xbox One X on March 29

Bethesda has updated us that DOOM will in fact be receiving a full 4K update launching tomorrow March 29, 2018 for the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. For owners of DOOM of either high-end platform also in possession of a 4K TV you are in luck as the update is free of charge. There was no word on whether or not the game would sport HDR alongside the 4K output, however with the update only a day away, we’ll certainly be revisiting the demonic fantastical shooter extravaganza of DOOM, putting it through the paces.

Besthesda Softwork writes:

When DOOM launched, id Software focused on mixing cutting-edge graphics with relentless, fast-paced gameplay for users on all platforms. Thanks to a brand-new game update arriving on March 29, id is pushing the game’s graphics even further with the release of a new 4K resolution update. At long last, you’ll be able to witness the power of the DOOM Slayer in stunning 4K on both PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X platforms.

Every blast of the BFG, every demon glory kill and every chainsaw slice through a Mancubus can be experienced like never before on consoles.Whether you’re a new player or just eager to jump back into your Praetor Suit, you’re going to want to visit Hell to experience it for yourself.

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