PlatinumGames Announces 3rd Person Samurai Action Title for iOS and Android

PlatinumGames, the independent studio behind hit titles such as Bayonetta and NieR:Automata, and DeNA (Tokyo: 2432), the renowned mobile publisher, today announced World of Demons, an action game set in a fantastical, ancient Japan that pits fearless Samurai warriors against mystical Yokai monsters. Pairing the full-fledged action experience that PlatinumGames is known for with controls engineered from the ground up for touch devices, World of Demons will be releasing on the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices this summer, with an Android release planned later this year.

For World of Demons, which is o pace to arrive PlatinumGames has built the core mechanics of World of Demons without compromise, allowing full 360-degree freedom of movement, quick and responsive dodging and parrying, sword-based combo attacks, unique movement, and combat techniques with exciting finishing moves. Players take direct control of powerful Samurai and can call on trusted Yokai Minions for support in battle with elemental buffs, attack spells, and other techniques.

Set against a fantasy Japan inspired by folklore and traditions, World of Demons features a visual style that takes cues from both traditional Japanese ink painting and woodblock prints. PlatinumGames has developed engine enhancements and built new shader technologies from scratch to achieve their vision on mobile devices.

Beyond its initial release, DeNA and PlatinumGames will support World of Demons with continuous content and balancing updates on a monthly basis, including new story chapters, enemies, playable characters, and additional types of in-game events that will allow players to obtain unique rewards. Tapping DeNA’s years of experience designing RPG-style elements that extend the life of mobile titles, the game team has abided by a singular guiding principle for its ongoing content: all upgrade and improvement systems must “serve the action.” No leveling up for leveling up’s sake – all upgrades will have a holistic relationship with the core action gameplay so that players that have invested effort in upgrades will have increased strategic and tactical options during the action.

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