Season Six of For Honor: Hero’s March Lands On all Platforms Today with New Seasonal Event

For Honor Season Six rolls out today for PS4, Xbox One an PC today, May 17th. Following the trend of Season Five, this new season continues to focus on improving the overall player experience with major gameplay updates brought to two heroes, the Orochi and the Peacekeeper. Season Six also brings new content with a new map, new customization options and as well as new visual collection feature.

Coinciding with the start of Season Six, For Honor will hold a seasonal event “The Rite of Champions” from May 17th to May 31st. In this event, players will honor the valor of the Heroes of yesterday and earn their place among today’s Heroes in a new limited-time 4vs4 Game Mode, the Carousel of Death. This new seasonal event will also give players the opportunity to loot special event items including ornaments, battle outfits, effects and weapon sets.

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