Survival Horror ‘Monstrum’ Announced For Consoles

Today SOEDESCO made the exciting announcement that they are bringing Monstrum to the PS4 and Xbox One. In addition, to a digital console version, they will also release a physical version of the game worldwide. Not familiar with Monstrum, this is a sinister, procedurally generated survival horror game developed by Team Junkfish.

Monstrum has already terrified thousands and since release, Monstrum has sold over 100,000 copies, got 90% positive reviews on Steam, and was nominated for the Scottish Game Bafta award. Monstrum has also become a popular streaming title across the world with total views in the 100’s of millions and regularly topping 100,000 views a week.

Monstrum is procedurally generated experience, so in each playthrough players will face new fears and will have to invent new tactics. The goal of the game is to escape an abandoned cargo ship, infested by one of three daunting monsters called the Brute, the Fiend and the Hunter. Each monster has its own behavior and requires a distinct approach. This, combined with the fact that the arena is different every time, makes Monstrum a unique experience with every playthrough.

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