The Walker: A Zombie-Cleansing FPS Now Available for PSVR

Looking for something new to flex your VR skills, today Winking Entertainment and developer Haymaker have released The Walker as a digital download on the PlayStation Store. The Walker is a zombie-cleansing first-person shooter set in old Shanghai, where you are the last remaining heir of a long line of exorcists. While you have a modern firearm at your disposal, you can also opt to go close-range with a sword in your hands.

In all fairness to our readers, the launch trailer leaves much to be desired and does not seem all that appealing, however you never know, The Walker could actually offer a great time in VR. Enter at your own risk!

Aside from our video impression concerns The Walker offers both long-range or close-range weapons that can receive elemental buffs as you also command the power of magical Chinese talismans. The Walker has you taking down shield-wielding monsters with a precision head-shot or blocking and retaliating their sword attacks with your own sword.

For the designs of the undead monsters, the design team combined oriental aesthetics with modern zombie lore, resulting in walking terracotta soldiers and other terrifying abominations. In addition to the story stages, the game will also have modes such as a challenge mode or a rampage mode, for you to continue fighting after completing the story as well.

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