‘Edge of Eternity’ Summer Update Unveils Kickstarter-funded Progress

Developer Midgar Studio and global independent games publisher Playdius are proud to share the latest update for Edge of Eternity, the crowd funded love letter to JRPGs that has raised over $161,000 dollars from Kickstarter fans worldwide.

In addition to new screenshots showcasing Edge of Eternity’s gorgeous visuals, which you can view from our official Facebook page, players can also learn more about the game’s combat system and Nexus Grid, as well as details on the importance of home and lore about the rich and immersive world of the planet Heryon. For full details, please head here to the brand-new Steam page for Edge of Eternity.

This recent update is just a small taste of what Midgar Studio and Playdius have planned for announcements at this year’s Gamescom. Midgar Studio plans to showcase the latest PC build of Edge of Eternity at the Playdius booth, including major new features for previews.

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