The Persistence VR Experience Receving Companion App for Android and iOS

The Persistence, the procedurally generated sci-fi horror game, coming exclusively to PlayStation VR is also receiving a dedicated app. The Persistence app will be available to download from July 24th on Android and iOS. Up to 4 friends can help out by connecting to the game over local wi-fi, with the free app for their phone or tablet, and hack in to the ship’s engineering system – known as Solex Systems.

Once connected, players get powerful control over the game, including abilities to lure enemies, open doors, and disable traps. By helping, your friends can upgrade their Solex system to unlock even more powers, like the ability to freeze enemies to help you escape.

But beware though… sometimes, your friends get big rewards if you die, and with the ability to spawn new enemies and make them attack, can you really trust your friends to help you out? Also included within the app is a digital art book containing artwork from the game, and previously unseen concept artwork.

The Persistence is releasing digitally on July 24th and on disc July 25th.

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