The Official US Launch Date for Deiland Announced For The PS4

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Spanish developer Chibig Development Studio, have announced that the role and adventure game, Deiland will be available for PS4 in the US on August 8, 2018 and priced at $14.99. Deiland was also launched in European PlayStation Store a few months back.

Deiland mixes elements of RPG (Role Playing Game), adventure and resource management. Players will have to sow, harvest, build and manufacture crafted items while defending the tiny planet, after which the game is named, from monsters.

On Deiland, the narrative takes on special relevance through the telling of the fascinating story of Arco, the protagonist of the game, the youngest of the four princes who were sent to the minor planets to find the powerful crystals that they hide inside. Legend has it that when it is found, the crystal will awaken magic that will extend to the ends of the universe giving rise to the origin of the worlds.

Deiland is a living environment whose evolution depends on the player’s actions, who can decide whether to create a natural environment by planting vegetation or, on the contrary, to focus on building structures. To this end, the decisions made by the player will influence the ecosystem and the type of materials Arco can lay his hands on, as well as the animals and characters that will visit his small planet.

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