‘Raiders of the Broken Planet’ Becomes ‘Spacelords’ and here are The Top 10 Changes

Independent development studio MercurySteam today launched a new video featuring the Top 10 changes Spacelords will feature when it launches on August 23 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, compared to when Raiders of the Broken Planet was released eleven months ago:

Top 10 changes Spacelords
Four epic campaigns
Expansive game content
New progression system
New features
New Forge System
Improved reward system
New tutorial system
Improved Matchmaking
Full cross-platform gaming
MercurySteam’s vision

All these changes have been inspired by the feedback received from the Spacelords’ loyal community, with which MercurySteam is in daily contact through its Social Media channels. Be witness to how a game is reborn on August 23rd, when Raiders of the Broken Planet becomes Spacelords, a new and exciting Free to Play gaming experience.

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