New Multiplayer FPS World War 3 Receives New Gameplay Trailer and Q&A

The Farm 51 has unveiled a new gameplay trailer for their forthcoming multiplayer FPS titled World War 3. After the first announcement of the game, the dev team mentioned that their growing community has been eagerly waiting and asking about the gameplay trailer. Now their wait is over.

Also, if you find yourself in Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2018, everyone who wishes to try out the game is invited to visit the Farm 51 booth beginning tomorrow on August 21-25 2018, where for the first time every visitor will have a chance to go hands-on with World War 3 and support the team with their feedback. World War 3 is also expected to once again be playable at PAX West Seattle on August 31 – September 3.

We were excited to learn that the closed technical tests are right around the corner and players will be able to sign-up for them soon.

World War 3 Q&A Update

Q: What type of game is World War 3?

World War 3 is a multiplayer first person shooter, featuring large, 64-player battles with intense firefights between infantry and armored vehicles. World War 3 portrays a theoretical future conflict taking place in the most famous cities in the world.

Q: What are the hardware requirements for World War 3?

You can find detailed hardware requirements on our Steam store page:


Q: On what platforms will you be able to play World War 3?

After the release World War 3 will be available exclusively on PC with Windows operating systems. If the game does well on PC we’ll seriously consider releasing it on console as well.

Q: Where can I download World War 3?

World War 3 will be available on the Steam platform.

Q: Do I need steam to play World War 3?

Yes, Steam account will be required to play World War 3.

Q: Will the game feature any in-game purchases?

We don’t plan on adding microtransactions during Early Access. The decision on whether to add them will be consulted with our players, but even then we don’t plan on affecting gameplay in any way – only visual aspects of the game.


Q: Will World War 3 have any form of single-player mode?

No, World War 3 is purely a multiplayer game and constant, stable internet connection is required to play the game.

Q: How realistic World War 3 is ?

World War 3 strives to find a balance between realism and fun. Its primary goal is to make you feel and think like a soldier and have fun at the same time. We’re going for authenticity rather than full on realism.

Q: In what ways can I interact with other players in World War 3?

Outside of our combat gameplay, you, your friends and other players can chat using our messenger system, as well as team up into squads.

Q: Can I customize my equipment in World War 3?

Yes, World War 3 features an extensive customization system, which allows you to fit different attachments and parts to your weapons, dress your character in various uniforms and even change the parts on your vehicles.

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